We’re a fast-growing tech company leading the world’s transition to sustainable hospitality. Our multicultural team of highly skilled digital nomads fights for the wellbeing of people and the planet, all while building an influential, five-star experience-driven company culture. 

Our exceptionally cool apartments are located in handpicked neighbourhoods and reflect the local vibe. We give guests a consistently five-star experience whether they’re staying for a few nights or a few months (don’t take our word for it – peek at our latest reviews). 


 We make the magic happen out of our offices in Tallinn and Helsinki, though like the modern nomads we cater to, we’re remote working-friendly. We call our team members Bobstars, because we’re an all-star crew who are also part of something larger: a constellation. We care for each other, our guests, our communities and the planet. 

We run this operation like a cool glass of water: refreshing and transparent. We love new ideas, and we’re not afraid to do things differently to stick to our values. Achievement and growth here is based on hard work, not who you know. We’ve got venture capital and real estate private equity firms on board to fuel our ambitious growth plans. There’s lots of room to grow, and our list of team member benefits includes unlimited holidays (yes, you read that right). So, are you ready to join the cult of Bob? 

A team of Bobstars

Bobstar - a highly skilled digital nomad who champions life, fights for the wellbeing of the planet and all of us, and seeks a 5-star experience for everyone at scale.

Being a Bobstar means that everyone in our team is a star and everyone matters. We lift each other up to be stars.

Bobstars are part of something larger: a constellation, rising stars in the solar system.

We're a diverse and inclusive bunch. Our team is made up of people from 20 different nationalities: 🇪🇪  🇫🇮  🇩🇪  🇦🇹  🇧🇷  🇹🇷  🇺🇦  🇳🇱 🇺🇸  🇵🇱  🇷🇺  🇿🇦  🇬🇧  🇨🇴  🇮🇪  🇵🇰  🇹🇭  🇵🇪  🇵🇦  🇪🇸

I feel proud to be a part of Bob W from the early days when we were just a handful of people. It has been great to see the family grow and it is my absolute privilege to work with such talented and motivated individuals who are ready to lend advice and help me perform my best.

Taavi Senior Director Real Estate

I love the freedom that Bob gives me. I'm allowed to be bold, and I don't have to dial myself back, which as a creative, is pretty cool. It's a very flat hierarchy and transparency is a key to how we work.

Jae Brand Copywriter

Working with Bob, what I appreciate most is the self-growth and opportunities you are given to build your future. It’s an absolutely diverse, transparent, and happy place to work where people with the same mindset come together to build a unicorn!

Helen Acquisition Specialist

I love the autonomy and collaboration that Bob W provides. From brainstorming every idea with the team to owning every part of what I do. Doing it while working in an incredibly diverse space, I could not wish for anything else.

Nathan Software Engineer


What Bob W is all about

360° Hospitality
We show unmatched love to our community and always go the extra mile.
Real Sustainability
We are respectful towards the planet and support our local communities.
Pure Meritocracy
We grow through effort, learning and achievement - not tenure or politics.
We listen closely and are receptive to new ideas, even if they contradict our own beliefs.
Radical Transparency
We bring our failures, problems and shortcomings to the surface in order to find solutions collaboratively.

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